Nita Neets  



For me, it's never been about wanting to be famous. Starting at the age of 5 and professionally in rock bands since 16, you find yourself having to take care of college priorities... then it becomes all about filling a void that everything else doesn't seem to satisfy, so back I go. With all my energy and zest for life, I've never been one for staying idle, so I juggled a business career and fulfilled my love of music. Throughout the years I've played with some very talented musicians that have encountered their share of success in hard rock, metal & synth-pop. My parents always supported me in music when I was in my teens, except for our month long vacations every year in the back of my dad's 4-door Jeep, "shut-up already!" They didn't know the need to rock is always on, baby!





Update: January, 2018

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